Do you have in-house designers and architects?
No, we do not have in-house designers or architects.  We focus on being the best general contractor we can be.  We collaborate with a diverse group of architectural firms and if needed, will match you with a designer whose expertise, style, and personality best serve you and your project. If you already have a designer selected, we’re happy to work with them as well.

What factors impact the cost of a project?
Construction costs for any new build or remodeling project can vary significantly. In addition to the level of finish desired, many other factors are at play. This could include the ability for us to access the space (is it in a high rise or a stand alone building with lots of staging area?), are there adequate utilities in place (or do they need to be upgraded or moved?), and what is the construction schedule (do we need to expedite the work?). With answers to these questions, as well as a keen eye for finding efficiencies, we can zero in on a budget that meets the goals of the project.

My project is small, do I need an architect/designer?

How long will the project take?

Do you offer handyman or small repair services?
We do not offer standalone handyman services, though we do perform repairs and handyman work for our existing clients following the completion of a project as part of ongoing maintenance plans.

Can you work in my area?

We are properly licensed and insured to build in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.

Plenty of references are available.